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About Sharemods

Sharemods.com is files sharing platform specelised to host mods for games. By using Sharemods you can upload and share mods for games like Farming Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator, Grand Theft Auto and other.

Attention. Only mods for games is allowed to upload and share. Other files will be removed and users will not be paid if they upload not mods for games.

Why Choose Us?

Unlimited download & upload speed.
No next download delay.
Unlimited downloads per user.
Can earn money or games.
Unlimited disk space for your mods.
Our own high available network.
And more...

Profit rates for each 1000 downloads of your files

Rate Points Rates for each 1000 dowloads of your files
A 700 United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France
B 400 Austria, Ukraine, Poland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, Norway
Sweden, Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Romania,
Hungary, Czechia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Japan
C 300 Brazil, Turkey, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Lithuania,
Mexico, Argentina, Croatia, Kazakhstan
D 100 All others

100 points = 1 U.S. Dollar

Payment methods: Paypal, Webmoney (WMZ), Bitcoins BTC, Binance, Dogecoin, USDT, Bank transfers (Turkey, India, Brazil and others),
Google Play gift card, Steam Wallet, Steam games, Steam keys from G2A, Kinguin, Instant-Gaming


  • We only allow games modifications (mods). All other files will be removed.
  • Your uploads must honor our terms of service & copyrights. Also if you use our services you allow our TOS and Privacy policy.
  • Don't cheat! Abusing the reward system will lead to permanent ban.
  • There is a limit to money generated by a unique IP per day (24 hours) to prevent cheating.